FB technologies global is part of ILUS international a public company strategically acquiring and operating technology businesses around the world within specific core sectors where the potential of the groups technology platforms, skills, experience and manufacturing bases can be maximized and shared.

The groups technologies are focused around modernization, cost efficiency and solving the modern problem that cities are growing larger and more congested with more demand for clients to perform more & quicker, in more difficult conditions , with better environmental practices and all at a lower cost.

The primary sectors being:

Emergency Services both government & private sector such as Fire Departments, Airports, Oil Refineries.

Specialist vehicle Conversions in more a horizontal approach across a wider spectrum of industries, where the company manufacturing technologies can be utilized.

Life & Asset Protection in the way of automatic fixed systems by protecting mission critical equipment & Areas where people working high risk environments such as Maritime, Oil & Gas, Power generation, Transportation,  Commercial kitchens,  Specialist manufacturing & Mining.

Unique Electric Vehicles specifically developed by FB Technologies group companies for particular applications where gaps occur in the market for EV’s.

Meet the Team

We are a team of dedicated professionals, ready to do what ever it takes to deliver the best quality.



Chief Executive Officer

18 years experience creating and growing companies in the Fire & Rescue market.
Including establishing one of the first online Fire & Safety equipment in 2003, setting up own factory in China in 2009
Having developed and certified multiple industry leading products and companies including multiple acquisitions globally

Louise Bennet

Louise Bennet

Group General Manager

Trained in finance, and now more than 15 years industry experience in the Engineering, manufacturing & Fire Industry.
Establishing and enhancing manufacturing processes, procedures & efficiencies, implementing continual improvement strategies and certification programs.
Extensive experience in International supply chains and lean distribution models.

Dan Link

Dan Link

General Manager (MENA )

15 years industry experience developing products and establishing manufacturing facilities in multiple countries and developing
Overseeing multiple international accreditation programs for products and manufacturing facilities and online sales chanels.


The company strives to add shareholder value by growing revenues, margins and operating With maximum efficiency with prudent controls on cost and strategical investment.

The company aims to operate with a strong balance sheet with a safe level of gearing and adequate cash reserves which will allow the company to to move quickly and secure best deals on acquisitions both on speed and price.